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Κυριακή, 19 Αυγούστου 2012


Dr. Dimitris Antoniou PhD (Hon), FRCS (Glasgow)
General Surgeon, (DOB.18-04-1954), Greek ID: AI 986650
6 Vokou str. Halkida City (Evia Island), P.C. 34100, Greece
Contact Telephone: (0030)-22210--62743
August 22th,  2012, Halkida and in:

Mr.  President of European Parliament
The Presidents of the Parliaments of the States of EU
The Presidnet of the Human Rights` Court of Strasbourg
The Council of Europe
The President of USA Parliament
To Whom it may concern
(please proceed this letter to all the above responsibe persons and institutions, by your own act, respnsibility and care)

Subject: The Greek Governement(s) has (have) been acussed and procecuted, by the Greek Justice (High Court), for commiting High Treason against the Greek state itself, through the International Loan Agreement (s) and Memoranda with the Troika (IMF, ECB and EE). As substantially  cooperatives, are also accused and procecuted the IMF, ECB, and EE.  
Relative: MY LAWSUIT  OF MAY 2010,  AGAINST THE GREEK GOVERNMENT  FOR HIGH TREASON against the Greek state,    
commited through certain signed articles of the International Loan Agreements (Treaties) and the respective Memoranda of Economic assistance and cooperation between the Greek Government and Troika (IMF, ECB, EE) (please see the attached file with the summary of my lawsuit)

Dear President

My lawsuit was initially submitted to the Public Prosecutor of  Halkida on May 27, 2010. Finally, due to jurisdiction locality, the lawsuit received the following file number: ABM: IΔ. 10/19743/15-10-2010 of the Prosecutor of Athens.
It was accepted as true, legal and founding  by the Court of Appeal in June 2011 and by the High Court (Arios Pagos) in Septembner 2011 (according to number 3089/07-10-2011 certificate of the High Court to D. Antoniou) and processed to the Greek Parliament in September 2011, which has taken  over the role of the procecutor since then, according to articles 60-63, 86 of the Greek Constiturion and the law number3126/2003. According the High Court`s decision: “The lawsuit proved strong evidences and facts, which are strongly connected, support and sustain the alleged criminal act (of High Treason), commited by politicians. Therefore, the case is submitted to the Greek Parliament for the next legal proceedings accordfing to the  article 86 of the Greek Constitution”. The lawsuit  was next announced in Greek parliament by its Presidnet in the  public assembly of 4 November 2011 and since, has remained inactivated!!

Dear President
According to the objective judgemeny of the Greek Justice, in its highest possible status –that of the Court of Appeal and the High Court (Arios Pagos- the EE and ECB (as prominent members of the Troika) execute their  policy and political functions –through the International Loan Agreeement and Memoranda with Greece- by violating Greece`s National Independence, basic foundational principles of the Greek Democratic Constitution and the European Constitutional Principles, along with the criminal cooperation of the Greek governments, to the degree of commiting high Treaon against Greece, resulting also in a real biological and moral genocide against the Greek people, who, due to the austerity measures and inflicting povetry, are commiting suicide in hundreds every month!
For all this, the responsible people, will be liable and responsible to History of the Human Kind and will be further procecuted, sooner or later, in national and international Courts of Justice.

Dear Presidnet
For all these reasons, please: i) invite me to inform directly and publicly, the European Parliament in its assembly and all other institutions and organisations you consider proper and necessary, ii) inform the people of all European states, of this historic development, which confirms that their leaders, in the name of their own people, under condtions of their ignorance and exploitation of their trust, are commiting a crime against the Greek nation, that of the violation of its National Independence and Constitution. And that  under these conditions, European people are, involuntarily, making themselves responsible and cooperators of a real genocide against the Greek people and humanity in general, iii) take all the necessary measures to stop the genocide and treason against the Greek people and state respectively, commited.

Yours Sincerely       
Dimitrios Antoniou                                  Halkida, 22 August, 2012


Dr. Dimitris Antoniou PhD (Hon), FRCS (Glasgow),
FRCS, General Surgeon
Greek ID:
Contact Telephone: (0030)-22210--62743
June, 25th,  2012
6 Vokou str. Halkida City (Evia Island), P.C. 34100, Greece and in facebook.

The Greek Government’s Betrayal of Greece to the Foreign Occupational Forces of the Troika

Dear Reader, Please note the definitions of the following terms and initials utilized in this discourse:
Troika = European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund
MoU = Memorandum of Understanding
COG = Constitution of Greece
PC = Penal Code

Concession of the Greek Legislative, Executive and Juridical Powers to Foreign Powers

Greek government, through, thus far, two International Loan Agreements (Treaties) and the corresponding Memoranda whiht Troika (in 2010 and 2012), has concedes to the latter its legislative, juridical, and executive powers, plus it consents for the abolishion of its constitutional and physical sovereignty and integrity to the latter too.
This is evidenced by specific signed terms of the agreements and by the fact that all of the rest terms and conditions of the Agreements begin with predetermined edicts of the Troika, which are then subserviently adopted by the Greek parliament via a pseudo-voting process. Via these agreements Troika dictates  authoratively what measures and laws should be applied and voted upon and the Greek parliament should obey to, even for issues which are inconsistent with and stood outside the domain of the Agreements and Memoranda, which are general plans for applied economic policies.

 Specific edicts which can be found in the relative agreements are:

"The Greek government is bound to adopt and implement, …will be applied, …will change the law, …The Greek government will adopt legislation and take the necessary steps, …The Greek parliament will vote, …The Greek parliament will adopt….." etc.

"The (Greek) authorities are committed to consult the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF if it intends  to adopt policies which are inconsistent with this memorandum" (p. 1 of Annex IV n.3845/2010 MoU).

In other words, the Troika and ominously enough, NOT the “Greek parliament”, has veto power over ALL laws which would be brought to vote in the Greek Parliament!
The aforementioned terms of the Agreements constitute a transfer of the legislative power of Greece to foreign forces thereby and a violation of the article 134 of the Greel Penal Code, concerning the validation of the High Treason

1a) Article 14 para.5 of the Loan Agreement states:
“The Borrower (Greece) hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives its sovereign immunity (of the Greek state), to which it is or may become entitled in respect of  itself!! or its assets in total, from legal proceedings in relation to this Agreement, including, without limitation, immunity from suit, judgment or other order, from attachment, arrest or injunction prior to judgment, and from execution and enforcement against its assets to the extent not prohibited by mandatory law.”
This terms equate to an unacceptable and unconditional surrender of the sovereignty and legal protection of Greece, while simultaneously transfer the country’s juridictional power over to foreign forces.

1b) According to article 14, paragraph 1, 2 & 3, the Loan Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and the parties involved in the agreement undertake to submit any dispute which may arise relating to the legality, validity, interpretation or performance of the Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union.
In other words, if in the case of the demise of the territorial status of Greece, the Greek Government and it’s Justice system must rely upon the Troika for its legal rights.
These terms further equate to an unacceptable and unconditional surrender of the legal protection of Greece while simultaneously transferring the country’s jurisdictional power over to foreign forces.

2) Form of Legal Opinion: Article 12 of Annex 4, par.4 : “Neither the Borrower (namely the "Greek people” per se, who become potential "slaves"!) nor any of its property are immune on the grounds of  national sovereignty or otherwise from jurisdiction, attachment – whether before or after judgment – or execution in respect of any action or proceeding relating to the Agreement.”
The above term defines  the abolition of the physical existence and integrity of the Greek State and concedes our national sovereignty to foreign powers (Troika).
The effectiveness of this article must be taken into account when evaluated in correlation with Article 13 of the Loan Agreement. The contract allows the Troika to assign and transfer their (the Lender's) rights and obligations to foreign, friendly, and unfriendly third parties. Therefore the Sovereign rights of Greece are subject to third party assignment.

In Article 10 of the Loan Agreement, Greece grants the right to Troika to literally determining the fundamentals of the Greek state annual budgets and its domestic policies and to periodically evaluate the  progress of the Greek Government’s implementation of the Troika edicts. This act in itself equates to the concession of the Executive Powers of the Greek Government and Parliament to foreign powers.
Therefore, the Greek government and it’s Parliament,  have effectively transferred to foreign interests (Troika) the country’s Legislative, Executive and Juridical powers. These three elements are the components of the People`s Sovereignty and comprise the fundamental principles of our Democratic Constitution (Article 1 of the Greek Constitution). According to Article 134 of the Greek Penal Code, the violation of only the one of these three elements constitutes HIGH TREASON.

Further, the Loan International agreements violently transfer authorative powers of the Greek state to foregn powers (Troika), without the preconditions of  specifically set reciprocity and equality between the two parties (Article 28, paragraph 3 of the Constitution of Greece).
Lastly, the Loan agreements –as International Treaties-should have been submitted for voting by the Greek parliament, which was not, even to this day!, inflicting thus in essence the abolishion of the Greekm parliament (Article 28, paragraph 2 of the Constitution of Greece).
But we shloud say that even if the Loan Agreement was validated by each and every parliamentarian  (5/5), that Agreement –with the aforementioned articles - constitutes High Treason against Greece, via the violation of the article 134 of Penal Code and therefore, would still be considered criminally “treacherous”.
Naturally, this crime of High Treason can not be dismissed as not even the 300 members of parliament can not “sign away” our national sovereignty to foreign powers.  

The real author of the 1985 Constitution for Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou,  emeritus Professor of Constitutional Law, G. Kassimatis in one of his numerous public spaeches declared that IN THE COURSE OF WORLD POLITICAL HISTROY, NEVER BEFORE HAVE BEEN IMPOSED such conditions as those set forth within the Loan Agreements and the Memorandums. Never before, for any reason has a similar agreement been formed between states …not even between colonial and dynastic States! “These shameful agreements violate each of the fundamental principles of international and European law as well as those of the Greek Constitution" he stressed.
Noting the agreements entitle the lenders, Professor Kassimatis drew attention to the fact that, if Greece does not respect the agreement it has signed, the Acropolis, Parthenon, Delphi, Olympia and literally all our  ancient treasurous, the  Greek islands, air force and whatever else the lenders deem necessary can be confiscated. Declaring "Greece is no longer independent," he called the Troika’s presence within Greece a "coup", while emphasizing no one has the right to sell sovereign LAND and rights, because this means the total Abolishment of the Greek state.

The possible criminal responsibilities of the President of the Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias

In this legal case, the public prosecutor will also examine another issue I have extensively included in my law suit which concerns the silence and inertia of the President of the Republic, Karolos Papoulias. The President’s lassitude in combination with treacherous acts, governmental oversights and the tragic occupation of Greece by “foreign forces” (Troika) constitute conscious violations of Articles 1, 28 and  of Penal Code 134, 14.2

(and Article 2 paragraph 3 of the Greek Law 265/1976 (published in the Government Gazette A '36 / Feb. 17 1976). Law 265 concerns itself with the “responsibility of the President of the Republic” in which the crime of “intentional breach of the Constitution by the President of the Republic” is defined).

During a televised statement in the Presidential Palace on January 1, 2011 he stated:  "... the Memorandum is causing the Greek people to suffer, however, the people understand that the path of the Memorandum  is the only option, there is no other choice."  In other words, the President, speaking and acting as a Government Spokesman, illegally advertised and justified the act of National Treason for financial reasons!
 The basic principles of democracy, by definition, are unique as they protect and preserve, before and above everything else, the civil and political liberties of its citizens. These basic precepts of democracy ensure all other state services, acts, financial, military, cultural, religious, and foreign policies serve the INDIVIDUAL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS as well as the LIBERTIES OF ITS PEOPLE and not the reverse as the Greek traitors suggest!.  These very democratic foundations are violated and catalyzed by our own parliament, government and “president” as they advocate and "legalize" the treacherous International Loan Agreements and Memorandums, thus  CONFESSING to the destruction of Democracy and the Democratic Constitution of Greece

Dimitrios Antoniou

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