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Παρασκευή, 11 Μαρτίου 2011

Following the sudden resignation of Public Prosecutor John Sakkas, his subsequent statements equated to a punch in the gut of the government's Memorandum of Occupation as well as for specific ministers of the executive branch who fooled the Greek people and may have committed serious capital offenses. 

 Mr Sakkas, in statements made to the newspaper “Democracy” , denounced the (Greek) political system and the impunity of its political figures when  referring to  the "state crimes" and blatant violations of the (Greek) Constitution resulting in the deterioration of  the Justice system and the flagrant violation of civil rights. The now former prosecutor made reference to the "political criminals who go unpunished while the people are left to pay the consequences" and to  "structured, financial crimes of the government, which were not investigated due to the infamous parliamentary immunity of the politicians.”

"With my resignation I express my protest for what is happening here (in Greece). Beyond the maze of laws, the legislative and executive powers created a complex structure of means with the end result of justice not being able to be served.”

 “I can not tolerate serving the criminal justice system and prosecuting offenses while witnessing the cover-up of the crimes of the politicians. According to the Constitution, institutional instruments, specifically the parliament, have the legal responsibility to monitor and prosecute the crimes of the government. Under the current Statue of Limitations, such instruments allow them (the investigation of suspected political/governmental offenses) to lapse. We are speaking of cases which involve and conceal political figures" said the prosecutor. Considering the impunity of the Parliament offensive, the former public prosecutor  emphasized there are countless incidents in which the offenses of politicians were allowed to “lapse”. 

Criminal responsibility. 

 "I'm referring to the cases in which the Supreme Court discovered that the (political/governmental) offenses were allowed to lapse The Parliament was its own prosecutor. As the collective instrument it is, it did not carry out its duty and is now criminally responsible. "  When asked who will adjudicate those responsible for not serving the law and for violating the Constitution,  Mr Sakkas responded: "This is a good question…  is there an instrument with the authority to try them?” It is my opinion that by law, their immunity should have been waived and their offenses processed through the Joint Grand Jury.”

Sources: 1) March 9, 2011 edition of the newspaper “DEMOCRACY”

NOTE BY DIMITRI ANDONIOU – Mr. Sakkas will, as of today, be the legal attendant in my lawsuit against the ethnic traitors G. Panadreou and K.Papoulia

Translation by Natalyt Ashkey, jurnalist, Athens
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Παρασκευή, 11 Μαρτίου 2011 - 11:35 π.μ.
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